Friday, September 17, 2010

Oops, the photo got a little big. Guess I'll have to work on uploading photos.

In the mean time, I'm happy to report that we have a first draft for the first half of the play. It will still need some clean up and the students have been very good about finding things that don't work (it's pretty awesome to have 12 editors when you're writing on the fly).

I'm going to start introducing the characters (at least what I know about them so far). Later, I will introduce each actor through an interview.

In "Twelfth Night: The Shakespeare Club," much of the main plot revolves around a love triangle between three characters: Tony, Jenni, and Krista.

Jenni is a senior who has been dating Tony for a few years. The actress creating her is working on her back story and I'll share it here if she gives permission. The play starts the afternoon after she and Tony have broken up. Jenni is an intelligent, down-to-earth person who is actually glad that the fall play is Shakespeare. She's researched the play and is able to answer the questions her fellow students have about it. She also has a sense of humor, but it is quieter and doesn't come out in the clownish fashion that others display. Her role in the play is Olivia, but through the course of our play, she ends up filling in for other students and their roles as well. As the high school drama takes people on and off the stage, students will end up playing multiple roles.

Tune in this week for more character intros.

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