Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Words, words, words

Throughout the script, the students use a variety of 80s slang. I'll provide a little information about that slang periodically, eventually hitting on all of the words in the script.

Barf Me Out--This was very much a part of Valley Girl slang, though non-VGs used it too. It had several variations including "gross me out," "grody" and "make me barf." It was, as the words imply something that makes the speaker feel ill or that they think is disgusting. A Valley Girl might say that if she didn't like what you were saying. It often had "Like," in front of it.

It appeared in Frank Zappa's song, "Valley Girl."

Chill! or Take a Chill Pill--This is another term that comes to us from the Valley Girls. It's a way of telling someone to calm down or relax. Usually the person to whom it is being said has lost his or her temper or is acting in an extreme emotional manner.

Tomorrow I'll post part two of the animation from the BBC and then introduce a few of the characters--both in the traditional Twelfth Night and in our Twelfth Night.

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