Monday, September 13, 2010

"Twelfth Night" at Waverly High School

When auditions last week brought in not quite enough actors of both genders to perform William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in the traditional manner. So Director Richard C. Redman decided to adapt the play with the help of his wife, Bridgette.

The new version of the play (which they began writing Sunday and hope to have done by the end of the week) creates an almost Breakfast Club-style format. A group of students are meeting in a garage to work on the Homecoming Float for their theater class. The float is for "Twelfth Night." Several of them are complaining about having to do Shakespeare and they then begin acting out many of the scenes.

There is also a secondary plot to Will's main work. This plot will involve the students and be a partial mirror to the original plot.

Here is the character list as it stands now:

Paige Graham: Jenni, she ends up directing many of the scenes while playing Olivia; she also sometimes plays Feste
Rachel Weinfeld: Liz who plays Viola and Sebastian
Robert McConnel: Tony who plays several roles but primarily Orsino in the beginning and Toby Belch most of the time.
Phil Frank: Mike who plays the sea captain, the early Andrew Aguecheek scenes, and Feste in some scenes.
Kelly Patterson: Krista plays Malvolio
Lindsey Blair: Debbie plays Maria, sometimes fills in for Sebastian
Morgan Smith: Stacey is the understudy for Maria and later plays Orsinio
Rachel Spidle: Heidi who plays Antonio
Analislia Tupper: Heidi who is on the tech crew, but they convince her to read for Aguecheek, she also plays First Officer.
Jzhyia Woods: Kimberly who plays Curio and second officer
Sarah Herbruck: Cyndi who plays Valentine and Fabian

EDIT: As this is a work in progress, the character descriptions have already changed. Once the script is done, I'll try to introduce each character--or ask the actors playing the characters to introduce themselves.

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